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Which Size Generator is right for me?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

The purpose of Generac standby generators is to power your home when the utility company cannot. This power loss may be due to severe weather, a fallen tree, or the power company performing maintenance. In any case your home will not have electricity without an alternative source.

Determining which size generator is right for you is dependent on your needs during a power outage. We help you decide which generator fits your need.

Another variable in determining which generator is right for you is the fuel source. The two fuel options are natural gas or propane. A Generac Home-Standby generator will run more efficiently on propane as apposed to natural gas. This means that a smaller generator using Propane can possibly output the same power as a larger generator using natural gas.

During the in-home consultation we will talk with you to discover what appliances you want access to during a power outage, your fuel source, and placement of the generator. We will then use a “sizing application” to determine what size generator fits your need.

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