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How to choose the right company to work with for the installation of a Generac Home-Standby generator.

When looking for a company to work with to install a home-standby generator at your house you first need to have a vision of how you want the experience to go. This can look different for each individual. Some people simply want the cheapest price and are willing to sacrifice time, customer service, and quality workmanship. Other people may want to have a predictable outcome and confidence that the company will communicate throughout the project and deliver a high-quality installation and guarantee. In our business, we say that some people only want a generator sitting outside their house and others want backup power within 15 seconds of a power outage. The company you choose to work with determines your experience during an electrical outage.

If you want confidence during the installation and peace of mind during a power outage here are 7 tips to find the right company to work with:

  1. Google search for authorized sales and service dealers. These are companies that can not only install the generator but can perform repairs as well. It is very important to have both, because if something is wrong with your generator, even if it was a manufacturing error, only a service dealer will be able to file a warranty claim and get your generator working properly.

  2. Understand the company's capabilities. Some companies install home standby generators as a side project or only do partial installation. If you want a seamless installation make sure they can handle every aspect of the installation, as well as help you communicate with your local utilities.

  3. Look for companies that have experience installing standby generators, particularly Generac models. Check their credentials, such as licenses, certifications, and insurance. Ensure that they always get the necessary permits and inspections. You want a company that is established and plans on being in business for a long time.

  4. Read as many reviews as possible. This installation can be a big purchase. Make sure you know what past customers are saying about this company. Quick tip, you can go to the "Generac Dealer" website and look at reviews. A company not having a lot of reviews does not always mean that they are not a good company, but a lot of bad reviews probably does.

  5. Pay attention to how the company communicates and follows through on small commitments before they present you with a proposal. See if they have someone who is answering the phone, make sure they communicate often and honor their time commitments for appointments.

  6. Compare value, not just price. Make sure the company has listened and proposed a plan for your exact needs. Look at the value over a 10-year timeline and not just a one-day installation. Remember you want backup power during a power outage not just a generator sitting outside your house.

  7. Ask for referrals. See if the company can give you a couple of people to talk to in your area. Having a conversation with them might enlighten you on things you wouldn't have thought of.

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