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How much does a Generac generator installation cost?

Updated: Mar 25

For this topic we will be discussing the installation of the average Generac Home-Standby generator. The cost will not be the same in every state. The normal range for complete installation in East TN is between $13,000 and $16,000 with the most common installation being about $14,00. We offer a monthly payment option through Synchrony Finance that would start around $170/month for complete installation.

For McCay Southern a complete installation is anything that is required to ensure that the generator will properly start and supply electricity into your house during an outage. This includes the following:

1. Generator placement.

2. Generator electrical connection to the Automatic Transfer Switch.

3. Generator fuel connection to either your propane or natural gas line.

4. 4G monitor. This allows us to monitor the status of the generator 24/7.

5. Installation of Smart Management Modules on specified home appliances.

6. Passing electrical inspection.

7. Passing the power outage simulation test.

What all goes in to ensuring that this generator is installed?

The following materials are needed:

- Generator.

- Automatic Transfer Switch.

- Battery for Generator.

- 4G monitoring device.

- Base for the generator. This will usually be a concrete pad or an aluminum stand.

The following coordination is needed:

- Scheduling the electrical disconnect with local utility company.

- If natural gas, communicating with the gas company if the natural gas meter needs to be upsized.

- Pulling the necessary electrical permits.

- Filing the proper paperwork to ensure the generator receives the proper warranty.

To recap there can be a lot that goes into making sure your home never loses power again. At McCay Southern we take care of all these steps for the homeowner. Not all Generac dealers may do this, but likely many will.

What will change the cost of installation?

The cost of the installation will vary depending usually on these things:

- What size generator is needed

- Location of the generator placement

- Distance of the generator from the fuel source

- Distance of generator from the utility meter

- Number of Smart Management Modules being installed.

- If the generator will be fueled by natural gas or propane.

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